Cure of Souls

The Biblical concept of confession is one of the most misunderstood and neglected doctrines in modern Christendom. True confession is based on faith, repentance, a change of heart, humility, submission to correction, and more. 

This course cuts through the misuse of false doctrines of confession from man-centered pietism and restores a Biblical confession — one that is covenantal and Calvinstic.

Law & Liberty

All law is based upon morality, and a morality is itself based upon religion. When the religion of a people is weakened, its morality is undermined. The result is a progressive collapse of law and order, and the breakdown of society. Unless every man’s liberty is limited by God’s law, no liberty is possible for any one. 

This primer course is a useful introduction to the application of Biblical law to every area of life.

Biblical law

The flagship course of the Chalcedon Teacher Training Institute is R.J. Rushdoony’s Institutes of Biblical Law. It is a foundational entry into the understanding of Biblical faith.

Graduates of this course will acquire a solid foundation in the law of God and its application to every area of life and thought. Upon completion they are more than capable to lead a study or teach students.

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Christian Educators

To reclaim our civilization for Christ we must focus on Christian education and become proficient teachers.

Rather than learning to educate  at humanistic institutions, CTTI provides a course of study intended to develop increased competency and direction in the Christian teaching community at all levels of learning.


Online Groups and individual study

Are you interested in joining an online group study with other like-minded women? Or, are you looking for a systematic approach to an individual study of God’s Word to every aspect of life? The Chalcedon Teacher Training Institute is designed to help on both accounts. 

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